car-buying-introWhen you buy a car, you want to consider a car that is under the manufacturer’s warranty because it saves you money when it is time to give the car a checkup or if you need to get repairs done on the car.  Another thing you want to do is have an independent mechanic not affiliated with the car dealership to inspect the car for any problems since some car salespersons hide this from buyers. You also want to check if any recalls were made on the car you are interested in and you should read reviews.

Advice on Buying Luxury Cars

When you look for a luxury car, you want to sit in the front and back seats of the car to determine the comfort levels and see if they are right for your standard of comfort in a luxury car.  Since you will use the car for storing items, it is important that you consider the amount of cargo space that is in the luxury car. After you do this you need to go on a thirty-minute test drive and find out how well the car makes turns, parks and accelerates while you drive it.

How to Properly Buy a Car Online

Starting your car search online is a very smart move.  With today’s technology such as TrueCar founded by Scott Painter, consumers can now experience a hassle-free car buying process.  When buying a car online, you want to first get financing and you do this by finding out how much you can afford. Most car websites have loan calculators that allow you to enter in the price of the vehicle along with your income and then use this information when you choose the car you want online. After you do this you need to read reviews on the car you are interested in buying and if possible, test drive this car and others before you make an online purchase. If you are buying from a private seller online, ask her to send you information and pictures of the car and inquire about the seller’s reputation.

Think About Your Needs

This is important to consider when buying a new car. If you are someone who drives on hilly and dirt roads, you should get a car or truck that meets those needs. For those who are interested in saving money on gas, you can search for a car that has an excellent fuel economy and that does not require the use of a lot of gas.

Car Dealerships Should be Carefully Chosen

Buying used or new car determines the dealership you choose. Used car dealerships sell cars provided by many different manufacturers, while those who sell new cars are usually franchises with association with a specific manufacturer only. Multiple brands from the same manufacturer may be carried by some new car dealerships. Dealerships selling new cars also sell used ones, and purchase used vehicles at auction and/or take in trade-ins. Many dealerships provide many more services, and these can always be taken advantage of when buying your cars, and in the United States, the way car dealerships are operated is regulated at the state level.

Car-Insurance-CompaniesIf you are purchasing car insurance, you may wonder how much coverage you need based on your driving habits and overall lifestyle. Your insurance provider generally offers minimum insurance coverage and this means that they will cover your liability expenses up to a certain amount of money but you can also get full coverage and this means that the insurance company pays for liability expenses at any cost. Another type of car insurance cheap coverage is comprehensive coverage and this is when you get coverage if your car was damaged in a natural disaster or if it was damaged through vandalism by someone. Collision coverage is protection you receive when your car collides with another one.

What if I Need Coverage for Rental Cars? Does Car Insurance Cover It?

Generally your car insurance coverage includes protection for rental cars and if you are not sure, read your insurance policy to see if this coverage is offered. If you rent cars a lot, it is wise to choose an insurance company that gives adequate rental car coverage as well as coverage for your own car. Find out which types of rental cars are covered under your policy.

How to Get The Best Insurance Coverage for Your Needs

Start by finding out what your state’s insurance coverage requirements and look for an insurance company that offers coverage that meets these requirements. If you are a new car owner and you just obtained your driver’s license as a student, you should obtain collision and comprehensive coverage in addition to the liability coverage. Think about your budget when deciding on the amount of coverage you need and if you a clean driving record, you may not need the extra insurance coverage but rather just the minimum.

Ways You Can Save Money on Car Insurance Coverage

It is important that you compare different car insurance policies and look at the costs of these policies. Inquire about the deductibles that are allowed with the car insurance companies as this helps you save money on car insurance companies. Check your credit history and pay down some of your debts because a high credit score means a better monthly premium. If you are buying a car, choose one that not only works well but that is also cheap to insure.

Getting the right amount of car insurance coverage is essential to the amount of money you receive should you  get in an accident or should your car become damaged or stolen during the life of your policy. Once you get adequate car insurance coverage, you should always make timely payments and immediately contact your provider if you struggle to make payments. Talk with friends to get suggestions on getting the right car insurance coverage and read a few magazine articles on the topic. Finally, you want to review your policy every few months to see if there are changes that could be made to it.

2013 carsTop Picks of Consumer Reports contains the list of the products to always watch out for in the auto market. The list shows you impressive all-round vehicles that have passed all tests, and if you buy any of them, you would always be happy that you made the right decision.

Midsize sedan: Honda Accord

This 2013 Accord made Honda to have increased sales, according to the figures of Consumer Reports. This new model is nice to drive, roomy, fuel-efficient and well equipped, and with its four-cylinder engine, the monster reaches 40 mpg on the highway and 30 overall, while the higher-trim models come with many safety features which are hardly present in other cars. The price of this Accord is between $23,270 and $30,860.

Sports cars: Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S

Jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru, these are the sports cars you would never be bored driving, thanks to their excellent braking, good acceleration and super-sharp handling, and the great thing about them is that they both have reasonable sticker prices and impressive gas mileage, with Scion FR-S selling for $25,025, and BRZ for just $27,117.

Budget Car: Hyundai Elantra

If you need an under-$20,000 car, you don’t have to settle for a subcompact, because according to Consumer Reports, you will get value for your money when you buy the well-rounded Elantra, and it is one of the compact sedans which are top-rated. It’s more refined and roomier than most subcompacts, and in terms of fuel economy, you would never spend beyond your budget. In addition, the Elantra provides a fairly comfortable ride; nimble handling; a well-finished interior; and a smooth, responsive powertrain. For just $18,445, this car is a must-have.

Green Car: Toyota Prius

The truth is that the electric cars of today now have the equivalent of at least 100 mpg. However, you cannot find the plug-in car which matches the Prius hatchback for its blend of affordability, fuel efficiency and practicality. It has a comfortable ride, hatchback versatility and roomy interior which make it to be easy to live with, and at a price of $26,750, you should consider this car.

Compact car: Subaru Impreza

The redesign of the 2012 model of Subaru made the all-wheel-drive Impreza to have new life. Both hatchback and sedan versions are cars which are very good, with nimble handling, and the absorbent ride which make give you the same experience of that of some luxury sedans, and for an AWD car, fuel economy is impressive. In addition, the spacious rear seat, roomy interior, simple controls, and good visibility give you all you want in a car at a price of $22,345.

Luxury car: Audi A6

This is a 2012 redesigned car – quick, agile, and a joy to drive at all times. When inside this car, you are surrounded by an impeccably finished and sumptuous cabin containing the high-tech and latest features in the world. It has a super-smooth eight-speed automatic transmission, potent supercharged V6 engine, and comfortable ride for a price of $56,295.

Those are some of the best cars 2013. However, other ones which should not be left out are Honda CR-V, Toyota Highlander (midsize SUV), BMW 328i, and Honda Odyssey.